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Cloudways is an overseen cloud-based web facilitating stage mainstream with business people.

It stands apart from the opposition for a couple of key reasons.

First off, it permits you to browse five distinct stages, including some substantial hitters like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

However, the greatest remove the vast majority have when taking a gander at Cloudways is the adjustable pay-more only as costs arise plans. They don’t need a protracted agreement period like some other facilitating administrations and even permit you to attempt the administration (counting a web designer) for nothing.

However, how does Cloudways match the absolute best facilitating suppliers out there?

In this facilitating survey, we put Cloudways through a lot, playing out various tests on it to decide if it merits your well deserved cash.

How did Cloudways do Compared with facilitating heavyweights like BlueHost and HostGator? Read on to discover.

General Info & Hosting Overview

OUR VERDICT: Recommended
SPEED: 540ms (February 2020 to April 2020)
UPTIME: 100% (February 2020 to April 2020)
SUPPORT: 24/7 Live Chat, Ticketing System, Knowledgebase
APPS: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal & more
FEATURES: Site cloning, Proactive monitoring, Website builder
HOSTING PLANS: Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud
PRICING: Starting at $10.00/mo (varies based on the server)

Pros of Using Cloudways Hosting

1. Remarkable Uptime

Uptime is one of the most significant elements for a facilitating administration. All things considered, the whole motivation behind having your site facilitated is to ensure that individuals can get to it.

That being stated, it’s difficult to approve anything over a case of 99.9%. What’s more, in the event that you take a gander at the normal uptime for shared facilitating suppliers, you’ll see that 100% uptime is definitely not a typical thing, even among cloud suppliers.

Cloudways guaranteed a 100% normal uptime to us through their client service live talk. Thus far they have effectively demonstrated that. Over the most recent three months, they have had no personal time by any means, indicating an uptime of 100%.

We will refresh this audit later on with more exact uptime data again time has passed and we’ve accumulated more information.

2. Live Chat Support

Cloudways offers all day, every day/365 live visit uphold, which is incredible.

Complex client care questions can be followed by Cloudways utilizing web based tagging. These can be made by the Cloudways staff or by the clients themselves.

For that, in any case, you must have a record with Cloudways before you can start any sort of help. There is a let loose sign choice, however you actually need to hand over some data before they will talk with you.


For the present, we will on the genuine encounter we had while talking with a help delegate.

Our client assistance visit associated promptly and we got gracious and speedy reactions.

We asked a two-section inquiry so as to check the viability of the help reaction.

Abbas began in on the primary portion of our inquiry immediately.

He responded to our inquiry regarding movement somewhat, disregarding the part about the cost. At the point when we squeezed the inquiry, he reacted rapidly and even gave us a connection. Nonetheless, he neglected to address the second 50% of our inquiry, so we rehashed it.

To put it plainly, while it wasn’t the best live talk we’ve ever had, our inquiries were addressed rapidly and the discussion was useful in general.

3. Proactive Monitoring

A component that we totally love with Cloudways’ shared facilitating plan is proactive checking.

Fundamentally, when the worker or stack is down, Cloudways contacts let you know.

They keep you refreshed as they begin exploring the reason for the issue.

Nobody needs to see their site descend, however it occurs. It’s smarter to get with the organization first before you need to contact them. That way, the facilitating administration can tell you immediately what the issue is, what’s being done to deal with it, and how long they accept the difficult will persevere.

There are additionally application observing apparatuses incorporated with the stage and clients can screen the entirety of the applications that are facilitated on a worker.

This administration accompanies two distinct degrees of checking.

  • Investigation shows the entirety of the PHP demands just as traffic data, circle utilization, and MySQL demands.
  • Log shows the site’s blunder log and access log.

4. Free Trial

It’s in every case great to see an organization that is happy to remain by the administrations that it offers.

Cloudways is one of those organizations, offering a three-day free trial.

While three days is definitely not an exceptionally significant time-frame for you to get a vibe of the administration, it can give you an overall thought concerning whether you need to proceed with Cloudways.

A ton of hosts go the method of an unconditional promise rather than a free preliminary. It is acceptable to see that Cloudways is eager to let you evaluate its facilitating without putting any cash down.

5. Quick Page Load Time

At the point when you’re facilitating a site (regardless of the size of your business), you must be centered around speed.

Burden time is essential to the accomplishment of a site for a couple of key reasons.

  • Your SEO score considers the client experience. Speed is a major aspect of the client experience.
  • New possibilities are eager and will surrender your site in the event that it doesn’t stack sufficiently quick.

How quick is sufficiently quick?

At the point when it takes your site somewhere in the range of one and five seconds to stack, the likelihood of a possibility skipping ceaselessly increments by a huge 90%.

In this way, obviously quicker is better.

Will Cloudways convey that speed?

It appears thus, in the previous three months their normal page stacking time has been a strong 540ms (0.5 sec).

Be that as it may, we are still during the time spent assembling further information and will continue refreshing their uptime and speed over the long haul.

6. Free First Time Site Transfer

At the point when you’re exchanging facilitating suppliers for a previously settled site, you will to move that site to the new assistance.

Fortunately, Cloudways offers your first exchange gratis. This causes you minimize expenses and do the switch all the more without any problem.

7. Free SSL Certificate Security

Security is significant, particularly for a private company site. Your clients need to realize that they can confide in your site.

All things considered, a ton of shared facilitating suppliers offer Secure Socket Layer (SSL) endorsements. While some make you buy this fundamental security redesign, Cloudways incorporates it for nothing.

A SSL declaration implies that your URL will have HTTPS at its front. Why would that be a serious deal? On head of warding off potential security dangers, Google really signals all HTTP destinations as not secure through its Chrome program.

On the off chance that you were attempting to get a client to believe you with their Mastercard data, being named as not secure by a well known internet browser would seriously hurt your odds.

8. Simple to Use Control Panel

Cloudways utilizes a custom dashboard rather than the old style cPanel utilized by most shared facilitating suppliers. From the start, it may require a significant stretch of time to become acclimated to it, yet by and large, it’s intelligent and simple to use for the two tenderfoots and progressed clients.


From the worker administrator board you can oversee spaces, access checking instruments (investigation, logs), actuate SSL authentications, plan your mechanized reinforcements, change application settings, etc. So essentially, all that should be possible with utilizing cPanel is likewise conceivable with CloudWays’ dashboard.

Cons of Using Cloudways Hosting

1. Premium Support Costs Extra

Prior we adulated the responsiveness of the Cloudways’ help division, and we 100% backup that.

The issue with its emotionally supportive network is that:

  • You must have a record to get any degree of help, and
  • You can improve uphold on the off chance that you pay extra.

Backing is essential, and a ton of organizations out there succeed dependent on the adequacy of their client assistance.

Charging more cash for better help just feels wrong to us.

Cloudways has three help levels. They are Standard, Advanced, and Premium

  • The Standard choice is free and accompanies live visit, self-administration apparatuses, stage backing, and foundation uphold. Proactive checking alarms are given, yet that is the extent that it goes. There is a 3-hour tagging hang tight for high need issues.
  • The Advanced level has everything remembered for the Standard choice. It includes a 30-minute tagging framework for high need issues. It likewise incorporates customization backing and starts at $100 every month.
  • Premium Support has a 10 moment tagging reaction time for high need issues. It likewise allows admittance to a private Slack channel and telephone uphold. This beginnings at $500 every month.

2. No Domain Registration

In case you’re making another site, you can’t enlist an area with Cloudways.

It must be finished with an outsider assistance like GoDaddy. On head of that, it very well may be hard to guide URLs to the facilitating arrangement.

A ton of outsider area benefits additionally offer facilitating. Individuals may think that its simpler to utilize an assistance that permits everything to be done on a similar stage.

3. Additional Cost for Email

Another assistance that facilitating suppliers like to throw in for nothing is email accounts.

No email administrations are incorporated with Cloudways. In the event that you need marked email through Cloudways’ facilitating, you’d need to work through an assistance called RackSpace.

It charges $1 per email account every month. While this is certainly not an enormous sum, it can include for bigger organizations with in excess of 100 workers.

Most facilitating administrations give some degree of email administrations through even their most fundamental plans.

CloudWays Pricing, Hosting Plans and Quick Facts

Cloudways offers an assortment of pay more only as costs arise plans. There are no agreements or duty periods.

Supporters can pay either month to month or hourly for Cloudways. The plans contrast dependent on the worker that you pick.

Cloudways offers Between 7 and 14 unique designs for each help.


Each help level contrasts on RAM, the processor, stockpiling, and transfer speed.

  • Digital Ocean’s littlest arrangement begins at $10 every month, including the facilitating charges. It accompanies 1 GB of Ram, a 1 Core Processor. Capacity on this level is 25 GB with 1 TB of transfer speed. Its biggest arrangement is 192 GB with a 32 Core Processor, 3,840 GB of capacity, and 12 TB of Bandwidth. It comes out to $1,035 every month.
  • Linode’s littlest arrangement is $12 every month with 1 GB of Ram, a 1 center processor, 25 GB of capacity, and 1 TB of data transmission. The biggest of Linode’s choices is $1,205 every month with 192 GB of Ram, a 32 center processor, 3,840 GB of capacity, and 20 TB of transfer speed.
  • Vultr begins $11 every month. It has 1 GB smash, a 1 center processor, 25 GB of capacity, and 1 TB of transfer speed. Its biggest arrangement costs $385 every month. It accompanies 64 GB of slam, a 16 Core processor, 1,280 GB of capacity, and 10 TB of data transmission
  • Amazon Web Services begins at $36.51 every month. Its littlest alternative accompanies 1.75 GB of Ram, a 1vCPU processor, 20 GB of capacity, and 2 GB of Bandwidth. On the better quality, you’re taking a gander at $3,567.98 every month. This AWS plan accompanies 384 GB of RAM, a 96vCPU processor, 20 GB of capacity, and 2 GB of data transmission.
  • Google Cloud begins at $33.30 every month. The base arrangement incorporates 1.70 GB of RAM, a 1vCPU processor, 20 GB of capacity, and 2 GB of data transmission. The opposite finish of the range highlights 120 GB of Ram, a 32vCPU Processor, 20 GB of capacity, and 2 GB of data transmission. It costs $1,290.42 every month

Do We Recommend Cloudways?

Yes, we do.

CloudWays delivered fast page load speed and amazing uptime with no downtime during the 3-month testing period and we have high hopes for the coming months also.

We were also big fans of their proactive monitoring services and security options.

While we don’t like their tiered support system, live chat support is available even on the free level, and it is super effective.

All in all, this is a good service with a wide array of plans to choose from.

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