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For this definite DreamHost facilitating audit I bought the bigger of the two plans the organization has to bring to the table, made a default WordPress establishment, and snared it to various checking devices.

Consistently I check the exhibition of my DreamHost site and offer with you the uptime and normal speed of this authority WordPress have. DreamHost can make you think ambitiously.

These ordinary estimations are a basic aspect of my progressing look for the best site facilitating supplier 2018 has to bring to the table.

Here is the thing that the numbers need to state about DreamHost and whether it is the best web have for your requirements.

What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is one of the most established web facilitating organizations. Established in 1996, this veteran in the business consistently positions among the absolute best facilitating suppliers.

Its help group gets grants constantly, and the rundown of items DreamHost has is long and point by point.

I was agreeably astounded by the overall helpfulness of Dreamhost.com. The site is cleaned up and simple to explore, yet the data accessible is bountiful and open. It is a stash of information that

The organization esteems direct love toward everything without exception open source; WordPress is the greatest recipient as DreamHost effectively adds to the tremendous network of this famous CMS.

Another significant thing in the DreamHost world is the interest in framework and green facilitating.

And keeping in mind that every one of these realities are excellent, the core of the issue, as usual, is the means by which the DreamHost workers perform.

Stunningly, things being what they are.

Therefore, many shared facilitating stages force severe impediments on what contents and advances can be utilized upon them.

DreamHost isn’t the most liberal in such manner, yet its common facilitating stage actually permits the utilization of numerous helpful apparatuses and applications.

A full rundown of what can run on the DreamHost workers can be found here.



Dreamhost Home Pagehg
  • Uptime99.99%
  • Support90%
  • Features90%
Loading Speed: 0.57s

The Essentials – DreamHost Uptime, Speed, and Support

1. Excellent Uptime – 99.99%

You know it, and I know it – uptime is the most important factor in determining the usefulness of any hosting service.

DreamHost certainly knows it too, as the company promises 100% uptime and manages to deliver.

Typically, the best website hosting providers guarantee 99.9% uptime, but DreamHost is not afraid to promise the unthinkable. Such spectacular uptime is not an easy thing to achieve, but DreamHost has a very reliable infrastructure in place and is ready to compensate users for every hour of interruption. The terms of service state as much in a clear and unambiguous way.

So far, I have had no reason to check how quickly a compensation request is handled as my site with DreamHost is enjoying uninterrupted service for two months already.

Average Uptime 2018 – 100%
Average Uptime 2019:
  • January – 100%
  • February – 100%
  • March – 100%
  • April – 100%
  • May – 100%
  • June – 99.83%
  • July – 99.78%
  • August – 100%
  • September – 100%
  • October – 99.99%
  • November – 99.94%
  • December – 100%
Average Uptime 2020:
  • January – 100%

“DreamHost records one of the most impressive uptimes I’ve seen.”

2. Excellent Speed

  • Third Response Time – 0.21s (3d)
  • Third Fully Loaded Time – 0.96s (6th)
  • Third Under Load – 0.28s (4th)

Note: If you run speed tests on my domain, results might fluctuate a bit. Even from the same testing platform two tests normally display slightly different results. My DreamHost site is hosted in Virginia, so I tested it from US locations. All plugins and server-side caching were disabled.

Online, it is the loading speed that makes the difference between the best and the rest. Slow sites, regardless of how informative, valuable and well-designed they might be, see great abandonment rates. There is no way around it; with the high-speed internet of today, users expect responsive pages that load seamlessly across all devices.

DreamHost sites are fast.

On the off chance that you choose to have your page over at DrеаmHost, its speed will be ensured. With no advancement

I am running steady minds my DreamHost WordPress site and the outcomes are reliably amazing. Among all suppliers I have looked into up until this point, DreamHost is consistently in top 3 od the quickest to react and to stack completely. I check its presentation with three unique apparatuses and my fundamental WordPress site checks in heavenly outcomes on every one of them.

Furthermore, when put under burden the DreamHost worker handles the flood of approaching solicitations without any difficulty. Back in August, I sent 50 virtual clients who created 288 simultaneous associations and the normal reaction time was 0.249 seconds!

DreamHost Performance report

I was stunned by the display. So many simultaneous users generating that many connections to the server are more suitable for a virtual private server that a shared hosting plan, but here we are: the DreamHost shared environment handles the load without a hiccup.

Average TTFB in 2018 – 0.26s

Average TTFB in 2019 – 0.20s

  • January – 0.14s
  • February – 0.68s
  • March – 0.15s
  • April – 0.22s
  • May – 0.17s
  • June – 0.15s
  • July – 0.12s
  • August – 0.13s
  • September – 0.13s
  • October – 0.12s
  • November – 0.15s
  • December – 0.14s

Average TTFB in 2020:

  • January – 0.15s
  • February – 0.14s

Average fully loaded page 2018 0.76s

Average fully loaded page 2019 – 1.04s

  • January – 0.75s
  • February – 1.18s
  • March – 1.16s
  • April – 1.41s
  • May – 1.32s
  • June – 1.17s
  • July – 1.05s
  • August – 0.89s
  • September – 0.89s
  • October – 0.99s
  • November – 0.92s
  • December – 0.87s

Fully loaded page 2020:

  • January – 0.88s
  • February – 0.91s

Average response under load 2018 – 0.38s

Average response under load 2019 – 0.25s

  • January – 0.21s
  • February – 0.22s
  • March – 0.23s
  • April – 0.23s
  • May – 0.25s
  • June – 0.24s
  • July – 0.26s
  • August – 0.25s
  • September – 0.23s
  • October – 0.26s
  • November – 0.24s
  • December – 0.23s

Response under load 2020:

  • January – 0.29s
  • February – 0.27s

“DreamHost is the fastest shared hosting provider I have seen to this date.”

3. Excellent Support

Given the benchmarks I’ve seen so far, it seems that DreamHost has talented system and network administrators. Blazing speed and high uptime are not conjured out of thin air. They are the result of hard work and excellent technical expertise applied to powerful hardware.

However, the techies most users deal with are the frontline support. The people who answer the phone, man the chat, and reply to emails are the face of any shared web hosting company, as they interact with the customers the most.

I can tell you right away that the DreamHost support is one of the fastest and most knowledgeable technical teams I’ve seen.

They are courteous and fast and extremely well-versed in all the intricacies of web hosting.

I chatted a few times with them and inevitably got prompt and informative answers. While not as upbeat as the likes of SiteGround, the DreamHost support agents are polite, calm and attentive. Awesome support, indeed.

If you are curious to learn about hosting, however, you might never really need the help of a tech agent. DreamHost has a splendid knowledge base, a magnificent source of technical information presented in a very understandable manner.

It was a pleasure browsing through it to refresh my knowledge on Linux hosting.

“Stellar support team and one of the best knowledge bases I have seen.”

The Pros of DreamHost

DreamHost is not the only hosting company with magnificent support, fast servers, and impeccable uptime. It may be the only one that empowers the end user as much, though.


1. 97-day Money Back Guarantee The Longest Available

Compared to the industry standard of 30 days, the DreamHost money back guarantee is extremely generous.

30 days simply aren’t enough to gauge properly how good a web host is. Especially if you are a new, inexperienced webmaster, the better part of the first month will go for setup tasks and barely any promotion. Even with a clear-cut strategy, proper SEO, and solid outreach you are unlikely to see much traffic in the first month.

I am clarifying this because a website behaves one way when it is browsed only by you and your mother – who probably doesn’t stray much beyond the home page anyway – and quite differently when it is visited by throngs of users. As more users pile on, as new subscribers are added to the database, as more sessions are handled in real time you can truly see the mettle of a web host.

moneback dreamhost

97 days. No joke.

That’s why the extra time to play with things and to test them properly is such an advantage.

DreamHost provides the longest money back guarantee in the hosting world. Only A2 hosting can realistically compete with that thanks to its policy to offer prorated refunds for prepaid services that are cancelled prematurely.

2. Optimized for WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website building platform. Nothing comes even close to its market penetration.

Together with SiteGround and BlueHost, DreamHost is one of the official WordPress hosts. The company has a very powerful managed WordPress hosting (DreamPress), but it also sports WordPress-optimized shared plans.

In addition to other things, each new WordPress establishment accompanies storing modules arranged for most extreme execution. To clear something up, I ran a couple of speed tests (not distributed here) with the storing empowered and my DreamHost site stacked much quicker.

On the off chance that you mean to utilize WordPress, DreamHost is certainly among the top facilitating suppliers and not just in view of the additional quick exhibition. The help group are WordPress specialists, while the information base is loaded with valuable data about WordPress stunts and advancement procedures.

3. Straightforward Evaluating

DreamHost is a much needed refresher.

Endless hosts promote incredibly low starting costs just to twofold or significantly increase the expense upon administration recharging.

In such manner, DreamHost is a genuine and straightforward facilitating supplier. The second you go to the arrangement subtleties you can perceive how the charge changes: prepaying for one year or more cuts the cost down, however that is it.

There are no shrouded charges, no amazing increments in valuing.

For correlation, any semblance of HostGator and GoDaddy draw in new customers with an incredibly low expense for the underlying time frame and afterward request an extensively higher cost.

4. Simple Record The executives

Not at all like most other well known facilitating suppliers, DreamHost utilizes a custom control board (more on it beneath) that consolidates facilitating the executives, space enrollments, and charging in one.

In you are a small time armed force, such simple admittance to everything is an incredible accommodation. Hosts that utilization cPanel (for all intents and purposes all other facilitating organizations inspected here) have a committed client zone for charging and essential help the executives and afterward cPanel for the real facilitating related tasks.

DreamHost joins the two and empowers simple access appointment. The last is significant on the off chance that you own various sites that are overseen by various individuals.

Yet, it shows signs of improvement: on the off chance that you have VPS or devoted worker, you could utilize exactly the same control board to oversee them.

5. Free Reinforcements

Computerized information and reinforcements should consistently go connected at the hip. As the well-known axiom goes, three things are sure: passing, assessments and loss of information.

DreamHost makes politeness reinforcements that stretch fourteen days back in time. Getting to them legitimately through the control board is exceptionally simple, despite the fact that the alternatives are to some degree restricted, as you can get just the freshest, mid-extend and the most established accessible reinforcements. You can’t pick a particular reclamation date.

In any case, it is far superior to having no reinforcements.

There is no reclamation charge and the recuperation cycle is exceptionally straightforward.

6. Various Innovations Upheld

All common facilitating arrangements have one inborn disservice called restricted admittance. Its absolutely impossible around it, truly, in light of the fact that the assets of a solitary worker must be appropriated among many clients.

Without diving into details, take my statement that designing appropriately such machine is a mind boggling difficult exercise among execution and security and, gruffly put, human folly.

Subsequently, many shared facilitating stages force severe constraints on what contents and advancements can be utilized upon them.

DreamHost isn’t the most liberal in such manner, however its common facilitating stage actually permits the utilization of numerous helpful instruments and applications.

A full rundown of what can run on the DreamHost workers can be found here.

7. Magnificent Site Builder

In the relatively recent past DreamHost built up its own site building instrument called Remixer.

I should concede that my involvement in it is exceptionally restricted, however from what I saw it is an extremely respectable site manufacturer, with a decent assortment of topics, extremely nice usefulness and sensibly lean coding. The last is essential to support site speed and execution.

8. Free SSL

DreamHost accomplices up with Let’s Encrypt to give free SSL to all clients. That is something we see increasingly more frequently, yet I am as yet overjoyed with the boundless reception of free secure authentications. Only a couple of years prior their expenses were coordinating the cost of yearly facilitating.

9. Straightforward Website

DreamHost is one of the organizations with a very easy to understand site. Data for pretty much anything is made effectively available, both regarding route and language.

Everything is clarified in simply enough detail without traverse into upsells and fabulous guarantees.

The Cons of DreamHost

DreamHost is an amazing facilitating supplier, however it is a long way from great. There are a couple of deficiencies that keep it from fixing the rankings here at Best Hosting Hub.

1. Paid Migrations Exclusively for WordPress Sites

By and large, DreamHost doesn’t give movement administrations.

The main special case to the standard applies to WordPress establishments pushed toward DreamPress accounts, yet the exchange of a solitary site will cost you $99.

The DreamHost self improvement community has a generally nitty gritty article about how to do a manual movement. It covers all the means for duplicating records, information bases, and messages starting with one worker then onto the next, however that is about it.

By all accounts, it appears to be a sensible guide, however the main problems start after the records have been duplicated over on the grounds that moving destinations starting with one host then onto the next (regardless of whether both use, say, cPanel) is considerably more unpredictable than a duplicate glue method. For the most part, it includes a ton of manual tweaking and investigating, in any event, when the relocated locales are little.

2. Limited 1-click Installs

Generally all well known site has use Softaculous to give programmed, basic establishment and arrangement of tens and now and again many usually utilized applications. DreamHost awards admittance to just a modest bunch.

Indeed, even famous substance the executives frameworks like Drupal and Magento must be introduced physically.

3. The Control Panel Lacks Certain Functionality

Prior in this DreamHost audit, I said a couple of good words regarding the client control board. Without a doubt, this brisk and simple to explore across the board arrangement has its benefits yet it likewise comes up short on certain usefulness.

cPanel is the most broadly embraced facilitating control board on the planet on account of its enormous usefulness and level of control. Indeed, even the most unpracticed clients can figure out how to deal with their records legitimately through the program in minutes.Dreamhost Control panel

Over at DreamHost, the best way to get to your documents straightforwardly is through FTP. Not this is an awful thing, as FTP customers will in general be quicker and safer than internet browsers, however I discover the absence of direct access rather odd.

Something else missing is a WordPress login button. Many control boards either log you straight into the WordPress administrator territory with the snap of a catch or, in any event, send you to the administrator login page. Nothing of the sort is accessible at DreamHost.

Note that the second and thirds point are not genuine constraints. Actually astute clients will have no difficult setting up the applications they need, and document access through FTP customer is substantially more secure than through a program.

In any case, these are highlights that essentially the entirety of the best site facilitating suppliers have naturally, and the nonappearance merits referencing.

DreamHost Plans at a Glance

DreamHost has only Linux hosting and it comes in two varieties:

Bandwidth: Unlimited across the board.
Storage: Unlimited for the bigger of the two plans.
Email: Free across the board.
Database: MySQL, included in both plans
Domain names: The bigger of the two plans includes a free domain name registration.
Control panel: Custom DreamHost control panel
Software installation: Custom 1-click installer with limited apps.
Migration: No migration service, sans a costly WordPress migration.
Payment options: Credit and debit cards, PayPal, electronic checks.
Account setup: Very quick account activation.
Upsells: None whatsoever.
DreamHost user reviews: Users appreciate DreamHost support and technical excellence.

Do We Recommend DreamHost?

Without a bit of an uncertainty, yes!

On account of its magnificent specialized help, speed, and dependability, DreamHost is a superb site facilitating supplier.

The two shared facilitating plans are sensibly evaluated, and the identification of authority WordPress have is completely merited.

One possible downside for some might be the custom DreamHost control board, which isn’t as useful as cPanel and (conceivably) requests a somewhat further extent of specialized inclination. Then again, the DreamHost backing and self improvement community are amazing and learning the fundamentals of facilitating – FTP, essential WordPress the executives – is simple and will be consistently helpful.

In the event that you are searching for a snappy and vigorous facilitating arrangement that can oblige the developing needs of any site, and WordPress specifically, look no farther than DreamHost. It is a strong decision.

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