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HostArmada Review

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HostArmada might be a new hosting company, however, this company is quickly becoming popular because of its customer support, a variety of hosting services, and affordable prices.

HostArmada dedicated WordPress hosting solution including server cache feature and many other futures you’ll need to create and grow a successful blog.

Read the following HostArmada review to find out HostArmada hosting  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this web host.

HostArmada facilitating established in 2019. Truly, I concur with you, this facilitating organization is new. However, rapidly it has developed into one of the most notable facilitating organizations on the planet.

It’s settled in the USA with an office in 9 areas and server farms in five nations.

They are offering a wide range of facilitating arrangements including Shared SSD facilitating, WordPress facilitating, VPS SSD facilitating, Opensource facilitating, Dedicated CPU facilitating, and improvement facilitating.

HostArmada facilitating cost started at $2.69/mo. At this value, you will get nonstop help, elevated level security, quick stacking web speed, etc.

Interface of HostArmada

As HostArmada sticks to the industry-standard technologies, their hosting plans come with cPanel control panel and internally developed Client Area. We found both interfaces extraordinarily convenient and easy to use. You can manage everything with literally a few clicks.

cPanel is, by far, the leading web hosting management control panel. It is one of the most widely used control panels preferred by many users due to its rich feature set, user-friendly interface, and high efficiency.

With all HostArmada plans, you will get your individual cPanel account, which contains all essential tools to maintain your web files and databases effectively; restore backups with one click; manage your email accounts and DNS records; track your metrics, and install a wide variety of applications with a mouse click.

A side from the cPanel account where you get to manage your websites, HostArmada’s Client Area was carefully created with the intention of optimal user experience. Within the Client Area, you can manage all your hosting services, domain names, orders, invoices, billing information, subaccounts, and support tickets with ease. As their Client Area is mobile-optimized, you have the freedom to maintain everything from any point of the world right through your mobile devices.

HostArmada Interface

Pros of Using HostArmada Hosting

HostArmada becomes premium-quality facilitating highlights contrast with other web hostings. In HostArmada Review the accompanying highlights are the best highlights:


As you might know, in the hosting field, it is standard for providers to claim they guarantee 99.99% uptime. Overall this is great, as it means your website will not experience more than an hour downtime on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, things are a little bit different in reality, as it is pretty common for providers not to be able to fulfill this promise.

SSD Storage

A Few Top Hosting organizations give SSD (strong state-drivers) in their facilitating workers. SSD worker facilitating gives you quick stacking page speed in light of the fact that those workers are quick, stun safe, and dependable.


HostArmada facilitating permits each client to get to the substance conveyance organization. CDN gives a lift to the speed and execution of the site. A large portion of the facilitating offers you a low cost yet they don’t offer this administration at that cost, however HostArmada gives CDN office at the most minimal cost.

24/7 Support

HostArmada gives a fast, helping nonstop help on ticket, online visit, messages, and calls. Whatever component is offered by web facilitating, yet their help isn’t acceptable and critical thinking than that organization never called a decent and presumed organization.

Live Chat Support & Ticket Base support

Multi-Location Data Center

Data centre location and visitor location between distance directly impact on website loading speed. For this, HostArmada has 9 data centres overall 5 biggest countries in the world. As well as all customers can choose their preferable data centre based on their ideal customer’s locations.

  1. USA West Fremont, CA
  2. South Canada Toronto, ON
  3. USA Central Dallas, TX
  4. USA East Newark, NJ
  5. Europe London, UK
  6. Europe Frankfurt, DE
  7. Bangalore India, IN
  8. Asia Singapore, SG
  9. Sydney Australia, AU

HostArmada data center

Great load Time

Hosting performance is very important factors before choosing web hosting.

That’s why in this section we will see how’s the HostArmada server perform in my test.

I’ve setup WordPress website on their plan and checked their hosting server response rate and overall speed of website.

First, let’s see what’s result i got for server response time..

Load Test HostArmada

The overall performance of hosting response time is “A+”. Which is good grade.

Here I want to point out one thing that is I’m using their Bangalore India  hosting server.

So in your case you can select any other nearest data server from your visitors country.

In my opinion, Server response rate is pretty good in HostArmada service.

FREE Domain

HostArmada allows new customers to register a domain name with their hosting plan. One of the big advantages of domain registration with hosting is, HostArmada renewal your domain until you are the customer of HostArmada.

Affordable Price

The best and cheapest hosting I’ve seen so far is that HostArmada hosting. At $2.69/mo price you will get all premium features such as CDN, SSD storage, Sever level website security, Cpanel, Lighting Speed, helpful support, reliable security, website migration, and much more.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

HostArmada has a win-win situation for customers is that hosting purchase money, it means you can claim for refund money within 45 days of purchase date. Most of the hosting companies allow users to get back their money within 30 days only, but HostArmada allows users to get their money back in 45 days.


If you are running a successful online business, but don’t have a backup of your business website. If you lose your website accidentally, then you can restore all the data from your website the last backup without any hassle. HostArmada offers a FREE backup facility to every customer.


Along with the backup of the website, you need high security of your website and backups file. We repeatedly heard lots of news about website hacking and malware attract. Therefore, HostArmada offers multilevel security including firewall, server, website level, and so on. 2

Cons Using HostArmada

No Monthly Hosting Plan

If we think like a customer’s mindset, it’s difficult to purchase hosting for a year without testing it. For that they want to buy hosting for a month, if they like it then they will continue using it.

However, HostArmada offers guarantee 45 days money-back guarantee, so you can test this hosting for more than a month.

High Renewal Rates

Although the first-year plan of HostArmada hosting is very cost-effective, once you reached the deadline at that time you will realize you will have to pay higher than the initial amount.

HostArmada Shared Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud technology is one of the latest advancements in the field of web hosting technologies. It allows multiple virtual servers to be deployed on top of several stacks of physical servers. This provides close to 100% uptime for the deployed virtual servers and, of course, lowers the risk of data loss to 0%. Combined with the great potency of native SSD drives, this technology sets a new course for the already well established shared hosting services.

Start Dock
$2.69 Per Month
Speed Reaper
$4.69 Per Month

Do I Recommend HostArmada Hosting?

 Absolutely Yes,

I do recommend HostArmada for a good number of reasons.

If you are looking for a cheap Cloud shared hosting solution, that’s probably the best option.

Speed and performance are impressive as well.

Access to the support team can be optimized, but the agents are responsive and knowledgeable.

The lack of more advanced hosting options and several instances of typical hosting marketing lingo I mentioned throughout this detailed HostArmada review don’t change the fact that this company provides great value for money.

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