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HostGator is among the most famous web facilitating suppliers and I was anxious to test its grit.

I set up an essential WordPress establishment on the HostGator Baby Cloud and estimated the reaction times and conduct under heap of the HostGator workers. I additionally experienced numerous HostGator surveys to get a more clear picture about the organization backing and strategies.

My continuous trial of 11 most well known facilitating organizations rank HostGator as follow

  • Valuing – 8.5/10
  • Backing – 8/10
  • Highlights and Ease of Use – 8.2/10
  • Dependability and Speed – 8/1

Who Is HostGator?

Unmistakably, HostGator is among the most mainstream names in the business, particularly for US-based clients.

At present, it has around 10 million area names, making it one of the greatest facilitating suppliers on the planet. Not awful for an organization established approximately 16 years back.

In the initial ten years of its reality, the organization manufactured a strong notoriety which pulled in the consideration of EIG. The successive obtaining, as with endless things EIG contacts, wasn’t completely advantageous and achieved a few gigantic blackouts at an opportune time in the Provo server farm that influenced BlueHost too.

All things considered, HostGator recuperated and developed its administrations. And keeping in mind that the standard shared facilitating offering of the organization isn’t too noteworthy, the generally new Cloud bundles put HostGator indeed in the blend of the best site facilitating organizations.

Its Cloud stage guarantees incredible speed, magnificent versatility, and consistent asset portion among different advantages to make record and site the board a breeze.

Be that as it may, is it enough to consider HostGator as a genuine competitor for the best web have in 2018?

How about we see what the numbers state in this itemized HostGator Cloud facilitating survey.


HostGator Home page
  • Uptime99.99
  • Support50
  • Feature80
Loading speed: 0.87s

The Essentials – HostGator Uptime, Speed, Support

Uptime, speed and quality support make or break a hosting provider.

1. Fantastic Uptime – 99.99%

Uptime is effectively the most significant factor to consider while checking any web facilitating audit. Speed likewise matters a ton however a moderate site actually benefits around; a disconnected page is an unmitigated debacle.

The organization probably won’t be ideal – you can see a portion of the HostGator issues further down – however its uptime is brilliant.

HostGator has a 99.9% uptime assurance and guarantees free facilitating should this administration level arrangement be penetrated.

Presently, the terms of administration specify that outer observing frameworks can’t be utilized to gauge uptime. Just the worker logs are considered dependable enough to be utilized in such cases.

That is reasonable enough, as even the best observing apparatuses are not secure, and HostGator has an implicit worker uptime checking that can be gotten to through the client entryway.

The Cloud HostGator is an overhauled rendition of the standard shared stage, and the redesign is telling. It brings to the table two significant advantages: higher dependability and entirely available overhauls that can be bought with a few ticks and similarly effortlessly debilitated when not, at this point required.

Because of the serious Cloud engineering that permits the ongoing duplicating of any site

Normal Uptime 2018:

  • August – 100%
  • September – 100%
  • October – 100%
  • November – 100%
  • December – 100%

Normal Uptime 2019:

  • January – 100%

“HostGator is an amazingly solid host.”

2. Normal Speed

Sensible Response Time – 0.70s (eleventh)

Sensible Fully Loaded Time – 1.28s (tenth)

Flawed Under Certain Load – 9.43s (tenth)

Note: If you run speed tests on my space, results may change a piece. Indeed, even from a similar testing stage, two continuous tests ordinarily show marginally various outcomes. My HostGator site is facilitated in Houston, so I tried it from US areas. All modules and worker side storing were crippled.

Stacking speed is totally essential for any effective endeavor on the web. A webpage that takes over 4 seconds to stack is surrendered by 74% of the clients, while drowsy internet business sites are infrequently visited once more.

I test the TTFB (time to first byte), and the time it takes for a site to be stacked completely. The principal metric uncovers how rapidly the worker reacts to a question. It is a decent marker of how quick the facilitating machine is.

The subsequent estimation shows how long it takes before the site is noticeable and valuable to the end client. Without a doubt, this is significant too.

In the two classifications, across three testing destinations, HostGator Cloud facilitating was noteworthy, checking in the quickest reaction and the second quickest an ideal opportunity to stack the landing page of my essential WordPress site completely. In the next months, however, the reaction and burden times crawled up, corrupting the normal exhibition of HostGator.

I have a WordPress site on HostGator WordPress Cloud (somewhat more costly upgraded explicitly for WordPress) and the Load Impact tests I run normally show comparative conduct: exceptionally better than average backend reaction up until 30 clients or thereabouts and afterward some genuine slack. It is the slowest on normal among all hosts checked on by the Best Hosting Hub.

In all decency, 30 simultaneous clients are not such a modest number for a developing site, yet I hoped for something else from the medium HostGator web facilitating offering.

Normal reaction time 2018:

  • August – 0.17s
  • September – 0.70s
  • October – 1.71s
  • November – 0.48s
  • December – 0.57s

Normal reaction time 2019:

  • January – 0.57s

Completely stacked page 2018:

  • August – 0.87s
  • September – 1.26s
  • October – 2.26s
  • November – 0.92s
  • December – 1.17s

Completely stacked page 2019:

  • January – 1.19s

Reaction under burden 2018:

  • August – 7.9s
  • September – 10.01s
  • October – 7.99s
  • November – 9.70s
  • December – 10.89s

Reaction under burden 2019:

  • January – 10.10s

“Quick workers that need enhancement to deal with high volumes of traffic.”

3. HostGator Has Slow Support and Excellent Knowledge Base

I connected with the help group multiple times while setting up this top to bottom survey. Once over email, the other multiple times over talk. I was thinking about to test the day in and day out HostGator telephone uphold as well, yet these four cooperations were sufficient.

First of all, the hold up time on talk isn’t excessively short.

The first occasion when I connected with an agent to get some information about certain arrangement highlights. The operators required exactly 4 minutes to get my visit demand. That is not frightful but rather is a long way from the best site has out there.

At that point, my inquiry was fairly basic yet needed to ask it twice, as the main answer I got was a duplicate glue from the site of the information I was getting some information about. The second time I asked I didn’t change the wording a lot. It appears to be that the operator just read it all the more cautiously and gave the appropriate response I was searching for.

Support HostGator

The second chat I started with the HostGator support was related to a technical issue. It was answered quickly, and the agent took his time to look into the problem I had (the built-in uptime monitor wasn’t working). He investigated for a while and escalated the issue to the system administrators for me.

This was nice, but the agent told me that I would be emailed the case details, to monitor the situation. I never received an email, and the case didn’t appear under my HostGator customer portal.

After another chat, I was told that the ticket is not logged under my account because it has been escalated, which didn’t make much sense. It still doesn’t.

Eventually, some four days later, I got an email saying that the system administrators are aware of the issue but cannot give me ETA about its resolution.

The last encounter I had with HostGator chat support was about changing the cPanel theme. See, HostGator Cloud has a customized cPanel theme, which is very pretty and functional, but it doesn’t allow you to switch to cPanel classics like Paper Lantern or x3. My chat request was hanging for over 15 minutes. At least the agent who finally addressed my issue was polite and swift.

My goal is to deliver sincere, unbiased analysis of each host I examine and must say that the HostGator customer service is erratic, at best.

This being said, I was happy to see that the knowledge base has improved a lot. The quality and quantity of resources have grown considerably since the last time (summer of 2017) I checked.

Now it is a very respectable self-help center.

“The HostGator support team is under a lot of stress and the wait times can be high, but the self-help center is excellent.”

The Pros of HostGator

HostGator is a friendly hosting company with many perks and quality services. Its Cloud platform is the perfect example.


1. Flexible Hosting

The Cloud setup is slightly more expensive than the shared HostGator web hosting offering, but you get what you pay for.

The modern servers are interconnected, which allows for quick resource allocation and great redundancy.

It is possible to get additional resources whenever needed. With the click of a button and a basic slider, you can ramp up your site’s CPU and RAM without actually switching to a larger plan. Similarly, when the extra power is no longer needed, you can remove it.

Such adaptability is fantastic for destinations that have incidental or occasional spikes in rush hour gridlock. Travel services, occasion coordinators, gathering focuses, a web based business destinations that run forceful advertising efforts will discover the likelihood to oversee website assets very helpful, including the vital Umpf! at the point when required and getting back to the default esteems when the guest levels drop once more.

Financial plan cordial, bother free and enabling, this is a magnificent element to have.

2. Great Statistics Right Out of the Box

The ability to deal with the assets of your site is just important on the off chance that you really realize what it devours. The HostGator site facilitating entrance has this secured.

There you can see the measure of handling force and memory utilized by your pages at some random second. Gotten legitimately from the worker, this measurable information is truly available and simple to peruse.

At some random second, you can check RAM use, running cycles and CPU load. All these give a total image of what’s going on at the backend of your site and help recognize possible issues in the wake of introducing refreshes and new modules.

3. Natural Interface

The HostGator login zone is as natural as could be. Charging, plan subtleties, area name the executives, and backing are only a tick away consistently.

Pass on, this is one of the most cleaned up and simple to utilize client gateways I have seen. It is as a conspicuous difference with any semblance of A2 Hosting, for example, whose control board is profoundly practical and all around planned, yet the sheer measure of data that welcomes you upon login can be overpowering.

Site the board occurs through the ubiquitous cPanel. It is tweaked to coordinate the HostGator shading plan and looks rather pleasant. In view of the styling, you can’t change the cPanel subject, however the format takes into account adequate customization.

Much the same as the client region, the HostGator cPanel noticeably shows utilization details.

4. Wonderful Network Infrastructure

HostGator is ideal for US-based sites.

Its two server farms are situated in Provo, Utah and Houston, Texas, where the HQ of the organization is. It used to be in Florida, which may be some sign of where the brand name drew motivation from.

All cutting edge server farms are outfitted with a few layers of security, excess force generators, progressed cooling frameworks, solid physical security and HostGator’s are no exemption.

What makes them especially noteworthy is the way that any semblance of Arista Networks, Juniper, Arbor, Brocade, and Cisco assumed a focal part in planning and provisioning them. These are the greatest names in systems administration – security, physical framework – and are an assurance for a steady, brisk and future-confirmation organization.

5. Powerful Servers

Shockingly, relatively few HostGator surveys notice this, yet the organization’s Cloud depends on genuine registering power.

All workers accompany SSDs and run on 32-center AMD Opteron™ Processor 6376 or Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3. They likewise have 4 RAID 1s over.

The specialized jibber jabber likely doesn’t mean a lot yet do the trick to state that these are some incredible machines.

A brief glance at the distinctive facilitating plans (beneath) uncovers exactly how much force you can anticipate from every item. While the data isn’t shown in the best detail conceivable, it is there.

6. Enticing Introductory Prices

In a normal web facilitating design, the organization pulls in new clients with low charges. The HostGator estimating goes up after the underlying time frame is finished.

You can get a website running for as low as $2.75/mo on the common HostGator web facilitating stage, should you submit for a long time. The Hatchling Cloud goes for $4.95 for a similar period, no additional items notwithstanding.

In essentially every facilitating audit I should explain that it is standard practice for facilitating organizations to promote low costs to make individuals click on their arrangements. HostGator at any rate puts an indicator close to each mouth-watering offer to demonstrate that there is a whole other world to the arrangement.

Brain, the underlying markdown, in all actuality, is a naturally applied HostGator coupon, so regardless of whether you locate a decent arrangement somewhere else online the rebate would almost certainly be the equivalent.

7. WordPress Optimization and Caching

All Cloud plans accompany Mojo Marketplace, Google Analytics, and a few different advantages. The most critical one is the Varnish worker storing, which is preinstalled (needed to impair it physically to get reasonable test outcomes) and conveys awesome speed.

Magic Marketplace can increase the value of your WordPress site, while worker side reserving is consistently a decent thing to have, particularly when utilizing content administration frameworks.

My most loved WordPress perk is the way that Google Analytics is prepared to use as its arrangement can be an obstacle for unpracticed clients.

The oversaw WordPress arrangement is arranged for testing as an aspect of things to come arrangement of HostGator surveys, here on the Hosting Tribunal.

8. Complimentary gifts

HostGator compensates new clients with a nice advertising financial plan. $100 worth of Google AdWords can be yours after you spend genuine $25 in AdWords.

It probably won’t sound like a great deal, yet once you get your site going, these advertisement credits can help with perceivability for sure. Whenever utilized deliberately and related to great SEO rehearses, they can assist you with increasing nice introduction.

Additionally, all Cloud plans get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL, while the Business Cloud is provided with a devoted IP address as well.

Also, the organization has a 45-day unconditional promise, which is longer than the business standard of 30 days.

The Cons of HostGator

HostGator is a long way from great. I addressed a portion of the regions that different HostGator from the absolute best site facilitating suppliers. Boss among them is the languid help group, yet there are a few different protests about HostGator that must be referenced.

1. Misdirecting Marketing Language

Right me in the event that I am off-base, however I’ve come to accept that dubious advertising language is endemic to all hosts under the umbrella of EIG.

On account of HostGator Cloud facilitating, the most glaring confusion is in the arrangement introduction.

The arrangement subtleties promote assets immediately like 2 CPU centers and 2 GB RAM. With no further examination, you may presume that these two processor centers and gigs of available memory would be for you to use however you see fit. It would be an exceptionally obvious end result, to be sure; as though the data is out there to make you think precisely this.


I can promise you that not every person checks everything fastidiously and with the consideration need to, state, make an itemized, fair-minded survey of the host. On head of that, the manner in which this data is spread out appears to be unnoticeable enough to fully trust it.

In any case, on the off chance that you extend the arrangement subtleties, you will see an explanation expressing that these are not devoted yet shared assets. As it were, these are worker specs and not plan specs.

I checked with the HostGator deals group to affirm this as the wording in as unclear as it gets, yet the business operator, in the wake of being asked twice, affirmed that the promoted qualities are worker assets your Cloud site would approach. Along with an obscure number of different destinations.

On a worker with a couple hundred sites these numbers don’t look that amazing, isn’t that right?

I surmise that is the general purpose of such fishy wording. It is an obtrusive advertising stunt that is as a conspicuous difference with any semblance of DreamHost and SiteGround, who give nitty gritty arrangements of the committed assets each arrangement has.

While knowing the fundamental worker assets is pleasant, it doesn’t generally give significant information on an individual level.

The way HostGator presents the numbers is fishy. I was puzzled that none of the 2019 HostGator surveys I saw referenced this.

2. Slow Customer Portal

Prior in this HostGator Cloud audit, I referenced how marvelous the client entryway is. It is cleaned up and exceptionally simple to utilize, yet it has one significant blemish: it is moderate.

Exchanging between tabs takes seconds and regularly perusing the alternatives under a similar tab is much more slow than it ought to be.

The languor barely is a dealbreaker, however it is irritating in no way different.

3. Slow Account Setup

I bought the arrangement vital for this unprejudiced facilitating audit with the quickest installment technique accessible, specifically, charge card. The installment was cleared immediately, yet then I needed to stand by over 40 minutes for my administration to open up.

Once more, that is not a dealbreaker, however it makes you can’t help thinking about why a programmed cycle would take such a long time. All things considered, the arrangement I purchased is the most famous one, as per HostGator’s site.

Again, that’s not a dealbreaker, but it makes you wonder why an automatic process would take so long. After all, the plan I bought is the most popular one, according to HostGator’s website.

HostGator Plans at a Glance

60% Off
$2.75Per Month
60% Off
$5.95Per Month
Bandwidth:Unmetered across the board.
Storage:Unmetered across the boards but must fall within the terms of service.
Email:Free across the board.
Database:MySQL, included in all plans.
Domain names:HostGator doesn’t include free domain names in any of the Cloud hosting plans
Control panel:cPanel, styled to match the HostGator brand. Looks very slick.
Software installation:Softaculous 1-click installer.
Migration:Free inbound migration from cPanel.
Payment options:Credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.
Account setup:Rather slow, fully automated process.
Upsells:There are a few when purchasing a plan – CodeGuard, SiteLock – but they might be useful as well. The picture gets worse once you log into cPanel.

Do We Recommend HostGator?

HostGator Cloud facilitating is a strong decision.

It is an exceptionally good alternative for US-based destinations with medium traffic.

The help could be better, however the Cloud framework is strong and conveys great speed and uptime. I will be intrigued to perceive how the normal shared facilitating performs yet in addition the oversaw WordPress arrangement of the organization. We may be having a progression of HostGator audits soon enough.

Under burden, the HostGator workers perform well to a certain degree. Again than 30 simultaneous clients begin perusing the site, the general reaction time bounces. Of course, 30 clients is a good number. In the event that your site gets the same number of consistently, you ought to think about moving ceaselessly from shared arrangements.

HostGator still is one of the better site facilitating organizations out there, regardless of the EIG securing. Current, solid worker and organization foundation guarantee smooth tasks, while the complete self improvement community can be a phenomenal spot to gain proficiency with a great deal about web facilitating all in all.

I am anticipating your impressions and furthermore toward a careful, legitimate HostGator shared facilitating survey, just to perceive how it tolls against the organization’s principle item.

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